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    • Convocatoria del Asistente de Investigación | Uniandes
      Convocatoria del Asistente de Investigación | Uniandes

Project title: “The Role of Brand Equity in Marketing Effectiveness”. 

Posts available: Full time research assistant (1) 

Accountable to: Dr Burcu Sezen, principal investigator 

Duration: 3 months (could be prolonged if necessary for completion of the project) 

Project summary: 

The purpose of this chapter of the project is to gauge the role of foreign branding and pricing strategy in generating demand for consumer packaged goods using the A.C. Nielsen Kilts Retail Data set. We seek to understand the moderating factors upon these relationships. The research questions include: 1) How do American consumers respond to price changes for foreign branding products? 2) Do economic and political factors within a market moderate this relationship? For instance, does a foreign branding strategy coupled with premiumpricing work better for markets with higher wealth and particular political party allegiances? 3) Does the relationship between brand name linguistic strategy vary over time, e.g., does habituation increase foreign products' effectiveness for markets not traditionally open to product foreignness? 

This study is led by Dr. Burcu Sezen, principal investigator, and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Administration, Universidad de los Andes. The project is supported by the "Fund for the Support of Assistant Professors" (FAPA) of the Universidad de los Andes.  

In order to support the delivery of the study, we are recruiting one full-time research assistants. The main duties and responsibilities of the posts, as well as the person specification, are outlined below. 


Main duties and responsibilities 

  • Work as a conscientious and committed member of the research team in order to achieve the specific and general objectives of the project; 
  • Carry out execution of pre-written Matlab code as well as adapt the pre-written 
  • Matlab code to different portions of the A.C. Nielsen Kilts data, 
  • Carry out statistical analyses primarily on Stata, if necessary on Eviews and SPSS, 
  • Report on statistical findings to Dr. Burcu Sezen, 
  • Help with any other extra work necessary for the project. 

Person specification and experience: 

  • Bilingual with excellent written and oral communication in English and Spanish 
  • Undergraduate (seniors preferred i.e. in the last year before graduation) in a 
  • quantitative area, including Management, Economics, Statistics, and the various Engineering departments, 
  • Advanced level knowledge of Matlab programming, 2 
  • Advanced level knowledge of time series and panel data econometrics. 
  • Advanced level knowledge of Stata, and preferably also Eviews. 
  • Ability to work as part of a fast-moving team, and collaborate with people from a range of disciplinary backgrounds 
  • The highest ethical and professional standards in research and impact . 

Application process: 

To apply for the positions available, please send your CV and a cover letter explaining your reasons for applying and what you would bring to this important project. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed. 


Burcu Sezen b.sezen@uniandes.edu.co 

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