Ericsson Innovation Awards - The future of food


170216 head ericson

We have a great opportunity for Universidad de los Andes Students to receive global recognition from their innovative ict ideas.



  The Ericsson Innovation Awards is a global competition that encourages forward-thinking students to work with Ericsson in driving the Networked Society, in which all things that can benefit from a connection will have one.  This year, the theme is The Future of Food.  Students are challenged to identify an existing problem with the production, distribution and consumption of food and propose a viable solution.  All finalists will receive prizes, including a trip to the finals, a cash prize, recruitment priority and global recognition for themselves and their university.  In addition to all of this, the winning team will also win €25,000.  

Teams of 2 to 4 students can register and submit their ideas through March 14, 2017.  Teams will be responsible for initial registration, but those who move into the semi-finals will receive significant support from Ericsson experts as they continue to develop their ideas. More information on the registration process is linked to the home page.